Monday, April 10, 2006

Mewes' saga continues

The story continues today...much anticipated on my part. Below is an excerpt that would make me happy for Mewes—except one thing, the sobriety here is short lived. Read on...
“You staying clean?” I asked him.
“Totally,” he’d responded.
“How long now?”
“I’m coming up on five months.”
“And isn’t life better now?”
“It is,” he said.
“If you stay clean, I’ve got a role for you in the next flick. A non-Jay role.”
“Awesome. I can’t wait.”
“I’m really fucking proud of you, man.”
“Thanks, Moves.”

Me and my Shadow, Part 7

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fuzzymuffin said...

So now I'm desperate for the next installment! I've not been able to get to a computer but should be returning sometime next week.