Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Looking for a few good blogs—or—it may be time for me to branch out in the blogsphere.

Okay, so where the hell are all the new posts? My blogroll is failing to entertain me and I need me a blog fix or two. It's 7:30 a.m., it's my day off work, and I don't feel like getting off the couch for the next hour or two. So, here I am, ready to read the riveting tales of the "words of the wise", (check out that awesome sidebar heading I made for you)—and what do I find? NOBODY'S UPDATING! Now before you send me hate comments that you've blogged—Jen, Tim, and Mad Ethel—thank you, but up
date again because I've already read yesterday's posts.

Don't believe me that nobody's updating? Let's look at the facts. Here are the "last updates" on from my blogroll (current time on BlogRolling 11:25 (GMT) Tuesday, 4.18):
  1. are squared; 4:04, Monday 4.10
  2. BabyJewels; 2:56, Tuesday 4.18 (umm...what did you update? I see nothing new.)
  3. fuzzy muffin; 14:22, Tuesday 4.04 (that was 2 weeks ago!)
  4. mindless dribbler; gone.
  5. tinapopo; 14:11, Tuesday 4.11 (come on popo, put away those boxes and give us some house updates)
See what I mean? There's more, but you get the idea. It's not Summer yet people, don't drift so soon. It's chilly here this morning, I've got no money to buy stuff for the yard, and I want to waste my time here on the computer. Which brings me back to the need to branch out.

I will never abandon my near and dear blog buddies, I just need more good blogs to read when you all are slacking off. I'll occasionally peruse your blogrolls, but I want you to tell me some good blogs.

So tell me. Please. Just put them in the comments. Help me branch out. Without me having to do all the work.


❉ pixie ❉ said...

Okay, I found another to add to my list—Keb (what the...). I had her blog in my bookmarks and had read her blog on various occasions. I revisited today and it's pretty interesting. So, there's one more for my amusement.

The Boy said...

Well, you find mine, so you are obviously a highly intelligent, wise, and clearly fantastically beautiful woman.

BTW, any luck in determining what the bulbs where? Our dafs and hyacynths are in full bloom at the moment, lovely...

Tim said...

I just added Golden State and The Daily Dump to the bottom of my "Rock My Fucking Socks Off" linkage. They're both good.

fuzzymuffin said...

Has it really been two weeks?! I'm sooo sorry!

Jen said...

If you like celebrity gossip, or reading the blogs of people who copy infamous photos of celebs and provide their own smarmy captions:


Rich, Famous and Gross

Gallery of the Absurd

Conversations of Famous People and More Famous People

Go Fug Yourself

- all of those are enough to make my head hurt. I let them build up and then browse when there's nothing else to read.

And don't forget, I have 4 blogs...I know you haven't read them all or in their entireties:

Confessions of an Aerobics Instructor

Picks and Passes

Kansas' Corner

If my regular blog hasn't been updated, it's because I've been messing around with one or two of the others.

So, the Grey's Anatomy blogs haven't been active enough to keep you entertained?

I also recommend Lulu and Lisa- their blogs can be found in my links, Rit's, Mad Ethel's and several other readers sidebars.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Ask and you shall receive!

TheBoy—you are correct. I am all of those things. Thanks for noticing. With regards to the bulbs, no luck yet. I'm guessing hyacinths and dafs still, but no flowers yet. I attribute that to neglect which I'm trying to remedy.

Tim—I'll check them out, although they both sound like bodily functiion fetish sites.

Sarah—sorry you should be, now make that guy at your favorite computer uncomfortable and get to blogging.

Jen—I'm not much on celeb gossip, but I do like the Gallery of the Absurd and Go Fug Yourself for a good laugh on occasion. Look at you pimpin' your other blogs like that. blog whore.

Jen said...

You asked for it. I mostly keep them to myself but...you asked for it.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Good point.

Mad Ethel said...

The Sound of Your Heart
Hula Seventy
The Superficial

Pretty much anything on my blogroll you might like but those are some of my favs

Mad Ethel said...

Oh - you'll have to go to my blog to get to those links. I don't know how to put them in a comment.

Dorf posted a video about their golf game the other day. It's pretty funny - you know, just to waste some time. It's at http://www.chrisneuendorf.com/

Tim said...

beebers updates like twice a month these days!

Jen said...

K, are you done being bored yet?

❉ pixie ❉ said...

yes, thank you. I went and bought some hostas to plant and some stuff to try and get the oil stain off of the driveway.

Jen said...

this one

and this one

Mad Ethel said...

DAMN YOU PEOPLE AND YOUR LINKING SKILLS! Will somebody share their knowledge with me concerning this? Pretty pretty please?

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Mad Ethel—the code goes like this:

(a href="www.websitehere.com")text that is to be clicked here(/a)

*replace the ( and ) with < and >

Hope that helps.

Mad Ethel said...

That wasn't too difficult afterall! Thanks.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Glad I could help!

Cracker said...

Pixie, you are blogging entirely too much.

Think Frustrated said...

Or, you can just add me to your roll. My blog is excellent. "Toot Toot"