Wednesday, April 12, 2006

If post numbers were ages, this one would be an octagenarian

10 Random things about me you may not know:
1. I’ve lived in 18 different houses/apartments all in the same two cities—which are next to each other.
2. I like to eat bacon with A1 sauce.
3. I have 2 tattoos.
4. When I was in first grade I got my finger caught in the bathroom door and my teacher couldn’t get it out. My friend’s mom was in the next classroom with my friend’s fish for show-and-tell and she had to come help. The nail got all black and fell off. I was fascinated at that age with the way it grew back.
5. On our honeymoon in Jamaica, Josh and I went to the nude beach at our resort.
6. The first concert I ever went to was Ted Nugent’s Little Miss Dangerous tour at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan. I was 9.
7. In fifth grade our class hatched chickens in an incubator. I got to have one as a pet. No, we didn’t live on a farm.
8. My middle name is pronounced the same way the first letter of it is pronounced.
9. I was in my high school’s musicals my Junior and Senior years—Grease and West Side Story, respectively.
10. One of my favorite snacks if Buttered Cheerios (cheerios with melted butter on them—no milk, just like a TB of butter for a big cereal bowl of tasty O’s

9 Places I've visited:
1. Jamaica
2. Washington, D.C.
3. Daytona Beach, Florida
4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
5. Drummond Island, Michigan (Upper Peninsula)
6. Chicago, Illinois
7. California
8. Kentucky
9. Windsor, Canada

8 Ways to win my heart:*
1. Food
2. Flowers
3. Tell me I’m pretty
4. Laugh at my dry, off-the-wall humor
5. Love my family
6. Make me the perfect margarita—on the rocks with salt
7. Rub my feet (or my back) without being asked
8. Write a song/poem just for me
*he has

7 Things I must do before I die:
1. Procreate
2. Travel to Europe
3. Improve my golf game
4. Exhibit my work in a solo exhibition
5. Make more than I owe
6. Visit most of the 50 states
7. Blow glass—the art form you sods

6 Things I'm afraid of:
1. Drowning
2. Burning to death
3. Being robbed—again
4. Not being a good parent
5. Creepy things in the water
6. Bungee Jumping—one too many Faces of Death type viewings of jumps gone wrong.

5 Things I don't like:
1. The way people drive. Especially not using their turn signals. Asshats.
2. Weak handshakes
3. Public Restrooms
4. Olives
5. People telling me how gross something I’m eating looks. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it.

4 Ways to turn me off:
1. See number 5 above.
2. Ignore me
3. Being disputed about something I just said. I’m the one who said it and I’m pretty sure I can remember the words that just came out of mouth.
4. Being ignorant

3 Things I do everyday:
1. Have coffee
2. Shower
3. Weigh myself

2 Things that make me happy:
1. Josh
2. Cheese

1 Thing that's on my mind right now:
1. Getting a snack and putting on some socks—my feet are cold.


Jen said...

LOL! Josh and Cheese! What extremes of the spectrum!

Love #3 of #4.

The random things were most fascinating- what are your tatoos of?

I've heard of buttered cheerios before...I just forgot...

Tim said...

when I was little we used to eat butter and cheerios, but not melted butter. We'd dip a stick of butter into a box of ceerios and much away. I'd puke if I did that now.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Jen—it all about diversity.

Tim—that would make me puke too. But the buttered cheerios are fabulous. I love me some cheerios.

Jen said...


I know what it is, buttered cheerios reminds me of when you're making rice krispy treats (or the cheerio version) and you put the melted butter in with the cereal and add the marshmallow...

My mom did that the other day while she was talking to me on the phone- then she tried to mix it with her hands and got both hands all sticky and was pretty much SOL at that point...

❉ pixie ❉ said...

My Dad would make us buttered cheerios when I was a little kid. So, I've been eating them for like 20-some years.

Mindless Dribbler said...

Never thought of buttered Cherrios.

Oh, and when you find a way to improve your golf game...let me know, I'll dang near try anything right about now.