Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cuz I got nothing & should be doing something else

I've got so much I should be doing right now and yet here I sit, wishing I had something interesting to write about. Everyone else has something going on...birthday tributes, mullett-themed parties, passion seminars... What have I got? Nuttin'.

Tomorrow I leave for a business trip to Chicago. Nine faculty members are taking 30 students on a chartered bustrip to the windy city. We come back Saturday evening. I should be packing for that.

But then, I tend to procrastinate...alot.

The trip should be eventful, but I'm a little bummed Josh isn't coming along. Mainly because we haven't been away from each other that long since we've been a couple (I know, it's sick), but a little part of me wishes he was there so I wouldn't have to share a room with anyone else—I'm so selfish.


Heather B. said...

Dude, I have absolutely nothing going on. Nada. And you get to go away at least. I'm still here, at my desk, counting down the minutes to 6 PM.

Mike said...

Hell, take me. I've been wantin' a Windy City hotdog for years. See what in the hell they been braggin' about.

Finally got you blogrolled :)

Tim said...

going on a trip sounds like something going on

Jen said...

I have termites- you can have them if you're that bored.

mysterygirl! said...

Yeah, it totally sounds like you have something going on. I mean, it may not involve a mullet, but it's something. :)

Then you'll have a chance to miss Josh, which will make for a nice homecoming.