Monday, February 20, 2006


I stumbled upon this PETA: Meet Your Meat video while perusing the blogsphere and I have to say I was totally disgusted by it. Now, I'm a meat eating kind of girl. I like juicy steaks on the rare side, bacon, pork chops, chicken—fried, stuffed, grilled, whatever. This little gem of a movie however, has made me want to have my own cattle, pigs, and chickens right in my yard—living and growing humanely. Point me in the direction of my local farmers. Seriously.

My Great Aunt & Uncle on my Mom's side used to have a meat packing company. It was so interesting as a kid to go over to their house. You would see the cattle in the yard and the slauterhouse out back. The slaughterhouse...It had that particular smell & was always cold. When we go to the meat market in town now I'm greeted with that "fresh meat" smell. I love that smell.

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Sharon said...

I just watched the video and I too was horrified. I have tears streaming down my cheeks and I feel sick. When I was 16 I was shown a video called Faces of Death, and it appalled me so much, that I became a vegetarian for 2 years . I still ate seafood however, and shamefully admit that even with the vegetarian title, I still ate Turkey for Thanksgiving. I remember the day when I started eating meat again. It was Taco bell fever and I stayed a meat eater for a year or so. Then in College I reinstated my vegetarian ideals, mainly because I couldn't afford to buy meat in college. When I moved to Montana after college, I met Chris. He was not what you would imagine a butcher to look like at all. i knew he didn't slaughter the animals, he butchered the meat after the carcass arrived in his small local meat shop. I went through the place a few times and it seemed very clean, aside from the various legs protruding from buckets, and fat globs abounding. After being with him for several months, and watching him day in and day out eat the most delicious looking sausages, steaks, and jerky, I finnaly sucumb to the temptation. I have happily been eating meat now for 6 years, that is,.... until now. This video reminded me of the horrors of the American meat industry, and has filled me with guilt for how I have negleted to be aware of the inhumanity that I see sitting there cold and red on our shelves at the grocery store. Thank you for posting this video, I will pass it on....with a warning for the the weak stomached. I don't know if I will again become a vegetarian, but these images will haunt me, and I will take action in some way, I promise.
Sharon Goldner (Dreamweaver student)