Sunday, February 12, 2006

100 things about me

  1. I'm really bored right now, so I thought I'd compile one of these lists.
  2. I should be doing other things, but feel like doing nothing.
  3. I don't really know where to start.
  4. ok...I'm 29.
  5. Married three years in March.
  6. Just bought my very first home in December of 2005.
  7. I teach. At a college.
  8. I discovered the joy of blogging through Yourself!Fitness.
  9. I think one of the first blogspot blogs I visited was Jen's.
  10. I first created my blog to post a before and after picture to link to my Y!F journal.
  11. Now I'm hooked.
  12. Keeping a blog is going to be part of my curriculum next quarter.
  13. My husband's name is Josh.
  14. We don't have any kids.
  15. Or pets.
  16. We had a rabbit. His name was Peanut
  17. The day we got him Josh proposed to me.
  18. That was August 2001.
  19. Peanut died last Fall.
  20. We do want kids.
  21. Just not yet.
  22. There is a history of multiple births on my side of the family.
  23. My Mom is a twin. Which means I'll probably have twins.
  24. Or triplets.
  25. I guess that would be ok.
  26. I was an only child until I was 14.
  27. Then my Mom and Stepdad had a boy.
  28. And my Dad and Stepmom had a girl.
  29. A month apart.
  30. That was good birth control for a 14 year old.
  31. I'm glad I've got common sense.
  32. One of my biggest pet peeves is people not using their turn signals.
  33. Another is people telling me that what I'm eating is gross/looks gross.
  34. My thought is, "If you don't like it, don't eat it."
  35. I once pulled up next to a woman who was weaving in and out of traffic without using her turn signal and said to her, "I think your turn signal is broken."
  36. My husband and I thought that was hilarious.
  37. Still do.
  38. I also am irritated by people who leave their turn signals on forever—without the intention of turning or changing lanes.
  39. I once held up a sign to a car who had their turn signal on forever that said, "Your turn signal is on."
  40. I wish I still had that sign.
  41. The only roomate I ever had was named Holly.
  42. That's my name.
  43. She wasn't me.
  44. Phone calls were always interesting when we lived together.
  45. I've lived in 18 different houses/apartments/duplexes.
  46. All in two cities.
  47. Which are right next to each other.
  48. The best vacation I ever had was in Jamaica.
  49. We went there for our honeymoon.
  50. I want to go back.
  51. I'm at the halfway point.
  52. My husband and I wrote our own wedding vows.
  53. And the entire ceremony.
  54. Our friend got ordained online so he could marry us. Seriously.
  55. It was my idea.
  56. Our wedding rocked.
  57. I danced all night long.
  58. The wedding and the reception were held in the ballroom of the hotel we stayed at.
  59. That made things really convenient for our guests. Especially the out of towners.
  60. uh,oh...not sure where to go from here.
  61. um...our master bedroom is dark purple.
  62. I'm doing an exotic morracan theme in it.
  63. Our living room is dark red. "Apple-a-day" to be exact.
  64. My husband is a musician.
  65. I'm also an artist.
  66. Neither one of us really make money for our craft.
  67. Not that we couldn't.
  68. We just don't market ourselves.
  69. Not really sure how.
  70. Which is a shame in my opinion.
  71. I've known one of my closest friends since I was 2 years old.
  72. Her husband is the one who married us.
  73. I've known him for 10 years.
  74. My mom and I get together almost every Saturday morning.
  75. We got to Weight Watchers together that day.
  76. On the way there we habitually stop at Beaners for coffee.
  77. It's like a ritual.
  78. I get a Grande Cafe Latte with Soymilk.
  79. Almost everytime.
  80. We don't take even one sip until after we weigh-in.
  81. This week I lost 4.6 pounds.
  82. That made me happy.
  83. I'm stuck I that pathetic?
  84. Not really.
  85. Just not sure what to disclose.
  86. I love to cook.
  87. I frequently just make up recipes.
  88. Josh and I like to sing songs.
  89. We make up our own words.
  90. We do it all the time.
  91. We think it's fun.
  92. I love pink and brown together.
  93. And light blue and brown.
  94. We once participated in a Zen Meditation.
  95. I tape Starting Over everyday.
  96. I also tape My Name is Earl, The Office, That 70's Show, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy.
  97. We watch the Simpsons and Family Guy every Sunday.
  98. And Grey's Anatomy.
  99. I only tape it in case I fall asleep.
  100. I never do.


Jen said...

This was great! Some of it made me laugh- I love your humor!

I hope your students keep good blogs next year. You'll have to post links to the bizzarre ones!

Lynda said...

Jen is responsible for my starting a blog also.

I also like to make up words to songs.

I go to Weight Watchers with my dad when I visit my folks and then afterwards we go to Starbucks. I wish I could go every Saturday with him.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Sounds like Jen is quite the trouble maker. We better keep an eye on her. Do you post on the Y!F forums Lynda?

Jen said...

I am- I am the deviant, the troublemaker, the person responsible for any blogging you wish you never saw... ;)

Alex said...

Number 27???

Even then it isn't really about me. Glad to see I'm important to you Holly.

Amy said...

Have you been to the Vans website and seen their pink/brown check shoes? They come in light blue/brown also. I have a pair (pink ones). Love them.