Thursday, August 18, 2005

Current Obsessions

Music: Tom Petty
Food & Drink: Margaritas—on the rocks with salt and Tomatoes from my in-laws garden
Video Game: Yourself!Fitness (I know, this is probably stretching "game" but hey, it's for the PS2.)
Book: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
Fashion: Baller bracelets—for some reason I can't get enough of these
Other: Fitness. I can't stop with this. I am a total workout junkie now. Heart Rate Monitor and everything. For more mind-numbing reading.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd say being a fitness junkie is much better than being some other kind of junkie. :)
Btw, great idea with the virtual model!

Jen said...

Ugh. You're getting blog spam. Just wanted to comment that I hadn't seen you blog in a while. I know, one more thing to keep up with, right?